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Carbon Pricing in the Americas: Stock-Take & Knowledge Exchange

April 10 | 14:00-17:00 | International Finance Corporation (TBD)

Description: The Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition’s (CPLC) High-Level Assembly (HLA) creates a strategic platform for CPLC partners to exchange views on key challenges and opportunities faced by stakeholders as they forge ahead on their carbon pricing journey. Before the official HLA on Thursday, April 11, the CPLC will host Carbon Pricing in the Americas: Stock-Take & Knowledge Exchange. The discussion will take stock of progress and explore lessons learned and experiences to-date from countries using or exploring carbon pricing across the Americas. This will provide an opportunity for knowledge exchange between jurisdictions, private sector actors, and civil society organizations with a view towards inspiring new initiatives, raising the ambition of existing carbon pricing policies, and working to identify opportunities for closer cross-border cooperation and alignment.

Format: During this event, representatives from government, business and civil society will share their experiences with carbon pricing initiatives. The event will include two panel discussions and a closing conversation on the Declaration on Carbon Pricing in the Americas. The first panel will provide a stock take of carbon pricing initiatives in the Americas. The second panel will focus specifically on carbon pricing revenues and how different jurisdictions have used or plan to use revenues for economic, social, and/or climate purposes. The session will close with a conversation on the Carbon Pricing in the Americas Platform (CPA), providing an overview of the platform’s progress to-date and a forward-look on its next steps, including opportunities at COP25.

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