what we do

The long-term vision of CPLC is to see that carbon pricing is implemented on a global scale and with rising ambition sufficient to help meet the Paris Agreement temperature goals. CPLC aspires to catalyze action towards the successful implementation of carbon pricing around the world by collecting the evidence base, benefiting from experience around the world in designing and using carbon pricing, and using this input to help inform successful carbon pricing policy development and use of carbon pricing in businesses. It aims to deepen understanding of the business and economic case for carbon pricing by developing pathways that companies, investors and governments can use to illustrate plausible scenarios under a variety of carbon pricing policies and timelines. Finally, the Coalition works to facilitate government and business leadership dialogues that identify and address the most pressing carbon pricing issues in order to advance the carbon pricing agenda.

Over the last few years, the CPLC has increasingly focused on advocacy aimed at contributing towards developing carbon pricing in specific sectors or regions and linking advocacy work to ongoing or planned technical support provided by Coalition partners. The Secretariat has also driven a concerted effort to increase partner engagement and ownership of Coalition activities by providing a platform through which they can communicate and engage with each other and the larger CPLC audience.

The work undertaken by the Coalition is organized around four areas:

  • fostering stakeholder engagement to enhance knowledge, exchange of experiences and unlock opportunities for partnerships and collaboration

  • mobilizing business engagement (focusing on internal carbon pricing and other business actions to price carbon)

  • enhancing the knowledge base

  • effectively communicating carbon pricing

CPLC is unique because of its convening power and the collaboration with diverse stakeholders that it enables. Since launching, the CPLC has convened leadership dialogues at the global and regional levels. These dialogues have served to raise awareness on opportunities for carbon pricing as well as on specific aspects of ongoing development of carbon pricing initiatives. In addition, the CPLC has generated knowledge products providing summaries of key issues related to putting a price of carbon.

Looking forward

Going forward, the Coalition will continue to broaden engagement from developing countries and subnational jurisdictions at public and private sector level, while deepening engagement so that support for carbon pricing policies is set at an institutional level. Utilizing the recently launched Guide to Communicating Carbon Pricing, CPLC will also continue to advocate for carbon pricing policies that are designed and communicated in a way that increase acceptability and sustainability.