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CPLC High-Level Assembly Co-Chairs

Minister McKenna

Catherine McKenna practiced competition and international trade law in Canada and Indonesia and was senior negotiator with the United Nations Peacekeeping Mission in East Timor. She also served as senior advisor on the former Chief Justice Antonio Lamer’s review of Canada’s military justice system. Catherine co-founded Canadian Lawyers Abroad, a charitable organization that works in developing countries and with Indigenous communities in Canada. She served as Executive Director of the Banff Forum, a public policy organization for young leaders. Catherine taught at the Munk School of Global Affairs. Catherine has degrees from McGill University and the London School of Economics. She is a member of the Law Society of Upper Canada and the New York Bar.

Catherine was elected on October 19, 2015 and was appointed Minister of Environment and Climate Change on November 4, 2015. Catherine and her husband live in Ottawa with their three children.


Feike Sijbesma

Mr. Sijbesma is a climate champion and a carbon pricing leader. He was CPLC's first Co-Chair representing the private sector. During his tenure as CPLC Co-Chair, he has led significant engagement with the private sector and served as a vocal advocate for carbon pricing in the corporate world. Mr. Sijbesma continues to lead outreach to bring companies into the CPLC, keynoting multiple international dialogues. He also participated in webinars to share Royal DSM’s trailblazing efforts on internal carbon pricing with peers in the industry. Feike Sijbesma has been CEO and Chairman of the Managing Board of Royal DSM, a Dutch sciences, health, nutrition and materials company, since 2007. 


Steering Committee 

CPLC Steering Committee

Adrien Zakhartchouk, Head of Environment and Agriculture Unit Directorate-General of the Treasury, France

Christine Fedigan, Head of Corporate Climate Policy, ENGIE

Dirk Forrister, CEO and President, International Emissions Trading Association (IETA)

Enrique Lendo Fuentes, Chief of the International Affairs Office of the Mexican Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT), Mexico

Gonzalo Saenz de Miera, Director of Climate Change at the Chairman’s office Iberdrola

Helen Mountford, Director of Economics at WRI and the Program Director for the New Climate Economy (NCE), World Resources Institute (WRI) 

Luiz Osorio, Executive Director of Sustainability and Institutional Relations Vale SA     

Tom Lorber, Analyst, Climate Change, Children's Investment Fund Foundation

Ulrika Raab, Senior Advisor, Swedish Energy Agency, Sweden


Working Groups

WG 3- Mobilizing Business Support

Lance Pierce, CEO, CDP North America

Maarten Neelis, Associate Director, Ecofys

Marina Matar, Institutional Affairs and Sustainability Director, Abiqium (Brazil)


WG 1 - Fostering Government Leadership

Alexa Kleysteuber, Deputy Secretary for Border and Intergovernmental Relations, California Environmental Protection Agency, California

Rodrigo Pizarro, Chief of Division of information and Environmental Economics, Ministry of Environment Chile, Chile

WG 4 - Communicators Network

Anirban Ghosh, Chief Sustainability Officer, Mahindra

David Hone, Chief Climate Change Adviser, Shell International Ltd.

Juan Ramon Silva Ferrada, Chief Sustainability Officer, Acciona




WG 2- Building and Sharing Evidence Base

Anthony Cox,  Deputy Director, Environment Directorate, OECD

Justine Garrett, Special Advisor to the Director, Environment Directorate, OECD

Michael Grubb, Professor of International Energy and Climate Change Policy University College London

Susanna Laaksonen-Craig, Assistant Deputy Minister, Climate Action Secretariat, Ministry of Environment, British Columbia

Thematic Leads

  • Carbon Pricing in the Maritime Sector

Johannah Christensen, Director, Global Maritime Forum

Tristan Smith, Lecturer in Energy and Transport at the Bartlett School of Environment, Energy and Resources, University College London

  • Engagement with academics and organizations for research conference

Andrei Marcu, Senior Fellow, International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development

Michael Mehling, Deputy Director of the Center for Energy and Environmental Policy Research (CEEPR), MIT - Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • Finance Sector Task Force

Nikki Bartlett, Director, Carbon Pricing, CDP