Partners are the center of the Coalition’s work – their leadership and action drives momentum on carbon pricing forward and is inspiring others to join the conversation. Through the CPLC, partners have the opportunity to showcase government and private sector action, highlight the business and environmental case for carbon pricing, and work with their peers to move the discussion forward.  

Strategies for Action

There are many powerful actions partners can take to lead the CPLC’s mission and support the broadening, deepening, and linking of carbon pricing policy – strategies and stories of action are outlined below.  

1. Share Your Story  

Sharing your story and the reasons why your organization supports putting a price on carbon is one of the most powerful ways to drive momentum and support. By sharing your perspective and experience, you can highlight the case for carbon pricing and why both business and government support carbon pricing.  


  • Issue a press release upon joining the CPLC to share your commitment to carbon pricing.

  • Submit a blog post by C-suite executive to be highlighted on the Coalition website  

  • Record a video message from your organization’s leader or C-suite executive making the case for carbon pricing  

  • Participate in case studies and share the results of your carbon pricing efforts  

  • Participate in CPLC webinars to share your lessons learned and best practices  

  • Join CPLC social media efforts to showcase your organization’s work to put #PriceonCarbon and spread the word on the case for carbon pricing 

  • Highlight your support for carbon pricing on your website or in your publications.  

  • Publicly advocate for carbon pricing through op-eds, interviews, and speaking engagements   


3. Take Internal Action

Action on carbon pricing requires more than just talk. As a CPLC Partner, you have the opportunity to lead by example. The practices and policies that work best for Partners can vary, but, through the CPLC, you have the opportunity to decide what is most appropriate for your organization and take action.  


  • Educate internal stakeholders on the benefits of carbon pricing  

  • Determine if internal carbon pricing could be beneficial for your organization and, if appropriate, establish an internal price on carbon

  • Set concrete goals for action on carbon pricing within your organization  

  • Report progress on carbon pricing action to CDP  

  • Develop a consistent position and message on carbon pricing across your organization’s activities

  • Request CPLC assistance to explore carbon pricing policies for your organization 


5. Guide the Coalition

The CPLC is guided by a rotating governance team of two High-Level Assembly Co-Chairs, and a nine member Steering Committee. Each year, partners have the opportunity to volunteer for these positions and help set priorities and oversee Coalition activities.  


  • Self-nominate to become a member of the Steering Committee, Working Group or task team co-chair. Members of the governance team are confirmed every year at the CPLC’s annual spring High-Level Assembly meeting in Washington, DC  

  • Self-nominate to become one of the two CPLC High Level Assembly Co-Chairs – a key role in leading the CPLC’s action and serving as a high-level and active advocate for carbon pricing and the Coalition’s work   

  • Contact the Secretariat directly to suggest new activities or opportunities to share the CPLC message, or suggestions for the governance team   

2. Reach Out to Your Region and/or Sector  

Effective carbon pricing policies need to address a range of opportunities and concerns that can be unique to different business sectors or to different regions. Reaching out to your peers can be an effective way to start discussion on these issues, highlight the case for carbon pricing in different contexts, and bring new voices to the table.  


  • Engage your business, trade, or other associations on carbon pricing. This can include presenting on the business case for carbon pricing, or inviting CPLC staff to present  

  • Spearhead the development of common statements highlighting your industry’s support for carbon pricing, or the support of business, government, or civil society leaders in the region(s) where you work

  • Suggest new members in your sector or region who would benefit from joining the CPLC and are interested to help lead on carbon pricing effort  

  • Suggest invitees for events and encourage colleagues in your network to attend CPLC presentations and dialogues to deepen their understanding of carbon pricing

  • Place op-eds or articles in regional or sectoral publications on the specific case for carbon pricing in your area or industry 


4. Join in Dialogue

The CPLC provides a platform for government, business and civil society leaders to exchange experience, showcase progress, and catalyze action. By engaging in CPLC dialogues, you can share your experiences with your peers and community, and learn from the experiences of others. 


  • Send representatives to attend CPLC dialogues in your region and learn about carbon pricing policies

  • Serve as a panelist/speaker for dialogues focused on addressing issues in your area or sector

  • Make internal experts and executives available to speak at events and share your organization’s perspective and/or lessons learned  

  • Host CPLC dialogue events in your offices/venues  

  • Suggest industry/regional invitees that would benefit from dialogues