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CPLC Technical Workshop


Tentative Agenda | Friday, April 20, 2018 IFC Headquarters, 2121 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, Washington DC


8 - 8.30 am 

Coffee and breakfast

8 - 10 am  

Banking Sector Task Team Meeting (by invitation only) 

Leaders from the global financial sector will convene for an interactive set of discussions about emerging models and tools that can be used to prepare for the future, share their experiences with implementing carbon pricing and the TCFD recommendations, and network with peers. 

8.30 – 9.45 am  

Launch of the CPLC executive brief – How can consumption-based carbon pricing address carbon leakage and competitiveness concerns? 

Pricing carbon consumption, rather than production, can improve the economic efficiency and environmental effectiveness of carbon pricing. It ensures that the costs of CO2 emissions associated with production are fully passed through to consumers and eliminates the risk of cross-border carbon leakage and incorporates emissions outside of the jurisdiction. The CPLC has produced a new executive brief on the rationale, the methodology, and the potential of this promising approach to put a price on carbon. 

10 am - 12.30 pm  

CPLC Strategic Outlook Session  

The CPLC Secretariat and partners leading task teams will provide an overview of the changes in the working arrangements and the new work plan for 2018-19. The sessions will focus on the various, existing and new, work streams, highlighting their progress so far and the expected direction for the next year.    

12.30 - 1.20 pm 

Working Lunch  

I4CE presentation on carbon revenue study (30 mins)  

1.30 - 3 pm 

CPLC Maritime Info Session

During April 9-13, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) met in London to discuss and adopt its Initial GHG Strategy, the first of its kind for international maritime transport whose annual CO2 emissions are larger than Germany’s. The CPLC has engaged in shipping since May 2017 to contribute to the sector’s decarbonization agenda. This session aims at informing the broad Coalition about recent developments, current challenges, and next steps. It will also present the findings of the upcoming IMF paper "Assessing the Options for Carbon Taxes on Maritime Fuels". 

1.30 – 3 pm 

Carbon Pricing of the Americas (by invitation only) 

Follow up meeting to work on deliverables of the topics identified in the road map of activities as well as to define the timetable for the upcoming months.