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Getting the message right: how to effectively communicate carbon pricing


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Designing and implementing carbon pricing can prove challenging – both technically and politically. A strategic communication plan for building support and managing risk – both within the government, among businesses and for the general public – can be critical to ensure the successful implementation of a price on carbon.

This fast moving and interactive workshop will present key principles and approaches for effective engagement on carbon pricing for both government and business communications. The advice will also be highly relevant for intergovernmental and civil society communicators. Drawing on case studies from around the world, it will also identify some of the main obstacles faced by communicators, including the resource and structural challenges within institutions, and the likely sources of public criticism and opposition that will need to be addressed.

The workshop is part of a program, commissioned by the PMR and CPLC, to identify effective communications for communicating carbon pricing. This work will culminate in the launch of a comprehensive Guidebook, and a series of Executive Briefs towards the end of 2018. This workshop therefore occurs at an important midpoint at which the project can share initial findings as well as invite participants to contribute their own experience and feedback to the research.


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