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Webinar: Corporate Carbon Pricing: embedding a carbon price into business strategy

Corporate Carbon Pricing: embedding a carbon price into business strategy

Hosted by the Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition and CDP


This webinar aims to brief the CPLC community and CDP’s global network of companies (+5,600) on the latest trends from CDP’s 2016 corporate carbon pricing report.  Key topics of discussion include the increasing number of companies adopting an internal carbon price; trends by sector and region, internal carbon price convergence in jurisdictions with strong carbon pricing policy signals; and a deeper-dive into a smaller group of companies embedding a price deeper into business strategy to execute a specific climate objective (see report Executive Summary for further detail).

Date and time: Friday, December 2nd at 10:00 EST // 15:00 GMT

Format: One hour webinar

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  • Program:

0:00 – 0:05 // Introduction and context:

  • Welcome & background on the CPLC - CPLC representative
  • Introduction to CDP & the history of the internal carbon pricing data - Lance Pierce, President, CDP NA and Co-chair of WG 2

0:05 – 0:15 // Investor Message: 

  • Why investors care about internal carbon pricing

0:15 – 0:40 //  CDP 2016 corporate carbon pricing report:

  • Presentation on the key findings and latest trends - Nicolette Bartlett, Director of Carbon Pricing, CDP

0:40 – 055 // Case Study:

  • Embedding an internal carbon price into business strategy - Sébastien Pellion, Climate & CSR Performance Manager, Responsable Climat & Performance RSE, SUEZ

0:55 – 1:00 // Closing remarks

  • Lance Pierce and CPLC