Welcoming Angela Churie Kallhauge to CPLC

Angela recently joined the CPLC from the Swedish Energy Agency where she worked for 14 years on climate change, energy and development issues. 

During her time at the Swedish Energy Agency, she worked on carbon market development issues, including portfolio development and capacity building in developing countries.

She also served as the EU lead negotiator on adaptation and resilience issues under the UNFCCC for close to a decade and represented Sweden in the Adaptation Fund Board where she led the work on accreditation for direct access.

During the last two years, she took leave from the Swedish Agency to work at the International Renewable Energy Agency, where she led the work to develop a climate change work program that places renewable energy action as a key part of climate change strategies.  

Prior to her engagement at the Swedish Agency, Angela spent close to a decade working at the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden and in Zimbabwe and Kenya with civil society organizations on climate, energy and development policy.