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CPLC Leadership Dialogue on Carbon Pricing: The use of carbon revenues to support the climate transition and sustainable development

  • COP24 MDB Joint Pavilion, Main Complex E, Slot #35 Katowice International Conference Centre Katowice Poland (map)
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Event Description


The revenues derived from carbon pricing stand out as one of the most important design aspects of these instruments. Carbon pricing revenues can be used in many different ways, depending on the country’s objectives and priorities, including to lower other taxes and to increase spending on education, health, social services, and other public goods. Revenue can also provide financing to help the economy, fund adaptation, develop low-carbon solutions, and protect targeted groups that may be negatively affected by carbon pricing. This dialogue will focus on the potential role revenues can play in making carbon pricing a powerful instrument in the toolkit to tackle climate change and support sustainable development. Among the questions to be addressed include:

* What are the experiences and best practices of governments around the world?

* How can carbon pricing revenues be best used to contribute to accelerating the climate transition?

* Can effective revenue use help more countries make the case for the potential benefits of carbon pricing policies and create wider public support?

This annual high-level dialogue will bring together CPLC government and private sector leaders as well as other interested stakeholders to discuss experiences and lessons learned in implementing carbon pricing initiatives.


John Roome, Senior Director for Climate Change, World Bank

Facilitated by:

CPLC HLA Co-Chair: Gérard Mestrallet, Chairman of the Board, Suez

CPLC HLA Co-Chair: Catherine Mckenna, Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Canada


Zhenhua Xie, Special Representative on Climate Affairs, National Development and Reform Commission of China, China

Carlos Manuel Rodriguez, Minister of Environment and Energy, Costa Rica

Masagos Zulkifli bin Masagos Mohamad, Minister for the Environment and Water Resources, Singapore

Sergio Sánchez Martínez, Vice Minister of Management and Environmental Protection, Mexico

George Heyman, Minister of Environment and Climate Change Strategy, British Columbia

Arlene Strom, Vice President, Sustainability & Communications, Suncor Energy Inc.

Richard Martin Bruton, Minister for Communications, Climate Action, and Environment, Ireland (TBC)

The address is subject to change, but the event will occur at COP24 at the MDB Joint Pavilion, Main Complex E, slot #35, near the EU pavilion. The time reflects local Katowice time.

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