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Financial Institutions, Businesses and Climate Change: Addressing Risks and Opportunities in a Changing World

  • Zurich Switzerland (map)
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The Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition, in partnership with the Government of Switzerland, and with the support of CDP, will organize a high-level interactive session on “Financial Institutions, Businesses and Climate Change: Addressing Risks and Opportunities in a Changing World”. This one and a half day event will convene business, financial sector and government leaders to explore how companies, financial institutions and investors are incorporating climate risk and opportunity into their business models and growth strategies. The results of these discussions will be carried forward to the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting at Davos.

DRAFT Agenda

Monday January 22

13:00-13:45         Introduction with welcome addresses

Moderator: Ghida Fakhry, international broadcast journalist, TRT World

Speakers:  State Secretary Jörg Gasser, State Secretariat for International Financial Matters, Switzerland; other executives from financial sector

13:45-15:15         Climate business opportunities in a changing worldThis panel will explore the current dynamics of the global market for climate business across key sectors, as well as the potential for green finance solutions to scale up private investment. 

Panelists:  CEOs and executives from automotive/energy/infrastructure/finance sectors

15:15-15:45         Networking tea

15:45-17:15         Managing climate risks today for the future— This panel will provide the state of play for different climate risks, including the impacts of extreme weather events; legal/reputational risks for inaction; and policy changes that will affect markets.  

Panelists:  CEOs/executives from finance sector; government leaders

17:15-17:45         Concluding remarks – takeaways from executives and leaders that will travel to the World

Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting in Davos

 17:45-19:45         Networking cocktail followed by optional group dinner


Tuesday January 23

8:00-8:30              Breakfast

8:30-9:30              Scene-setting panel:  Managing risk and unlocking opportunity:  Climate-related disclosure, science-based targets, and internal carbon pricing – Interactive panel explaining the current state of play: what are these initiatives, who is using them, and why are they smart business practice?

                                Panelists:  Senior experts from finance/corporate sectors

9:30-11:30            Facilitated breakouts designed to take stock of the current situation, identify gaps and needs, and recommend solutions and next steps.  Each session will be facilitated by a lead expert and discussant from corporate/financial sectors. 

1.       Climate-related financial disclosure. How does it help to future proof assets, investments and portfolio’s/ How will it impact on the financial services offered to business?    

2.       Carbon Pricing. More and more businesses use an internal carbon price, how can this be used to address climate risk and open opportunities? How can businesses advocate for meaningful carbon pricing by government? 

3.       Science Based Targets. What are they? How to set them (vis-à-vis competitors)? How do they evolve over time? How do they help business to future proof business?  

11:30—12:30       Readouts from breakout groups, conclusions and next steps Stefan Fluckiger, Swiss Government; senior official, World Bank Group

For more information, please contact Smita Rana of the CPLC Secretariat,