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COP 23 - Tackling Maritime GHG emissions - Linking ocean states’ transport needs, leadership at the IMO and the role of carbon pricing for technology change and support for developing economies

  • Fiji Pavilion World Conference Center Bonn Germany (map)

Organized by: CPLC, University College London, and Fiji COP23 Presidency

Moderator: Johannah Christensen, Global Maritime Forum
• Ian Parry, IMF
• John Kornerup Bang, Maersk
• Isabelle Rojon, University Maritime Advisory Services, or Michael Traut, University of Manchester

Understanding the interconnections between key components of the shipping's decarbonisation puzzle is crucial for allowing the maritime sector to reduce its carbon emissions. This event will illustrate how carbon pricing represents a climate policy that could enable the IMO to achieve significant decarbonisation. Panelists will furthermore discuss how the revenue raised from carbon pricing in shipping offers new options for both addressing potential undesirable and unintended economic impacts on specific countries (especially SIDS and LDCs), and supplying climate financing for domestic shipping's decarbonisation.