Press Release: Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition hosts the World's First International Research Conference on Carbon Pricing

New Delhi, February 14, 2019 – The Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition is hosting the World’s First International Research Conference on Carbon Pricing on February 14-15, 2019. During the CPLC Research Conference, over thirty presenters will share their research papers, which were selected and reviewed through a call for papers led by an international scientific committee. The Conference is expected to host over 300 participants and will feature high-level dignitaries including Lord Nicolas Stern (London School of Economics) and Mr. Tomasz Chruszczow (Cop 24 Special Envoy for Climate Change, Poland). The Conference serves to better inform future decisions made by policymakers and businesses using carbon pricing.

At a moment when the world demands greater climate ambition, policymakers need balanced strategies — which should importantly include carbon pricing — to meet both their climate and development goals,” said World Bank Senior Director for Climate Change, John Roome. “I am excited to join a diverse group of stakeholders at the CPLC Research Conference to foster a greater understanding of how to use carbon pricing to deliver greater climate ambition and benefit the people and businesses that drive economic opportunity.”

The Conference is structured around six themes:

Day 1:

· Theme 1: Learning from Experience

· Theme 2: Carbon Pricing Design—Subnational and Corporate Perspectives.

· Theme 3: Concepts and Methods—Theory, Assessment, and Performance Review

Day 2:

· Theme 4: Political Economy: Distributional Effects, Political Acceptance, Revenue Use

· Theme 5: Decarbonizing the Economy: Carbon Pricing and Development

· Theme 6: Emerging Frontiers

In addition to covering traditional carbon pricing design questions, the Conference will explore unique research areas such as the relationship between carbon pricing policies and local air pollution, carbon pricing and development, and even carbon pricing and violence.

“We know that carbon pricing is one of the most powerful tools at our disposal in the battle against climate change. Yet its real-world implementation continues to face substantial challenges – something we’ve been reminded of by the recent protests against energy tax hikes in France and elsewhere,” said Michael Mehling, Co-Chair of the CPLC Research Conference Scientific Committee and Deputy Director at the Center for Energy and Environmental Policy Research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. “This conference offers a timely opportunity to discuss theoretical and practical dimensions of carbon pricing, and to learn from each other as we jointly pursue to the objectives of broadening, deepening and linking carbon pricing policies around the world.”

The Conference aims to convene stakeholders from diverse industries and expertise to build a greater understanding of how carbon pricing policies and measures can deliver greater climate ambition and drive critical co-benefits. To do so, participants will examine the existing stock of carbon pricing research and discuss critical questions of the day—such as the social and competitiveness implications of carbon pricing. This will provide greater clarity regarding the role carbon pricing could play as the world ramps up climate action.

Andrei Marcu, Co-Chair of the CPLC Research Conference Scientific Committee and Senior Fellow at the International Center for Trade and Sustainable Development and Director of the European Roundtable on Climate Change and Sustainable Transition said “this conference is an opportunity for the research community to provide much needed evidence to understand the experiences in the carbon market for the last years and prepare for what is expected to be a very dynamic future.”

The Conference is being held at the India Habitat Centre in New Delhi, India immediately following the World Sustainable Development Summit. The Conference will be a key lead-up to the United Nations Climate Summit in September 2019 where one of the key tracks is climate finance and carbon pricing.

The Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition is an international advocacy coalition of governments, businesses, and civil society organizations aiming to address climate and contribute to global sustainable development through widespread carbon pricing.


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