Initial Climate Mitigation Token Offering September 11

Initial Climate Mitigation Token Offering September 11

DAO IPCI protocol aiming at global green economy blockchainization has announced the presale of Mitigation Token (MITO) starting September 11, 2017 at

DAO IPCI provides common space, common space fabric, common tools and ecosystem that is universal, reliable, easy-to-use, and transparent and allows diverse stakeholders, including businesses and individuals, to register quantified impacts and pledges, to invest mitigation projects, to offset carbon footprint, to acquire and trade mitigation outcomes, to join existing programs or launch new programs.

Existing and newly launched programs may create ‘sovereign’ representations in DAO IPCI in the form of autonomies (DAOs), interlace and link or sustain full independence.

DAO IPCI Mitigation Token (MITO) is sought to provide for exchange of numerous and diverse asset-based tokens representing societal costs mitigation outcomes. Namely and in the first instance, GHG emissions limited rights and reductions (carbon emission quotas and credits) are the assets that become fungible via MITO and MITO market. Distinctive characteristics of the two types of DAO IPCI tokens are that only one of them, MITO, is based on the protocol to integrate the ecosystem while the rest of tokens represent diverse regulated mitigation compliance units as underlying.

MITO is not a share of equity or any sort of a security. Mitigation Token (or MITO) is protocol-based token, exchange vehicle for assured environmental units, the key element to provide for transactions’ efficiency and integrity of DAO IPCI ecosystem. MITO is designed to serve a digital mitigation costs representation, carbon pricing instrument, and a digital CO2 cost equivalent.

Post-ICO MITO emission volume would directly correlate with the volume of assured environmental units accessible via DAO IPCI, serving as a hedging instrument and growing along with environmental market instrument. MITO holders shall receive 50% of further MITO emissions. 

Initial Mitigation Token Offering Structure

 MITO Distribution phase I


MITO Distribution phase II


Crowdfunding raised is targeted:

  • to support further non-commercial research and development of socio-economic and IT protocols needed to sustain and expand DAO IPCI societal costs mitigation ecosystem (approximately 60% of funds raised),

  • to establish a non-profit legal entity for the purposes defined (approximately 20% percent of funds raised),

  • to obtain legal and other professional expertise and services needed to support implementation of the tasks defined (approximately 20% of funds raised).


Anton Galenovich, DAO IPCI Team Leader: “The platform developers’ idea is to provide common space for fair competition, provide early crediting, offsetting carbon footprint opportunities for the companies, and break the barriers dividing market and types of high quality mitigation outcomes. We owe the future to our children, and we can contribute to it on our own free choice now, track our contributions and even benefit”.

Sergey Lonshakov, DAO IPCI Architect: "DAO IPCI is an example of the correct and logical use of the public blockchain technology. Global scale project cannot have centralized hierarchy, which is why here the decentralization technology is ideally applicable. Initial MITO emission would bring blockchain R&D and implementation to a new level".


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