EcoAct Joins CPLC

For more than 10 years, and on a worldwide scale, EcoAct Group has provided companies and territories with unique expertise in planning for and implementing positive change in response to the climate and carbon challenges. We are excited to join the Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition because our climate and business experts work with companies every day to develop tailored climate strategies including carbon pricing. EcoAct uses both a “shadow” carbon price to encourage low-carbon investments and direct pricing for an internal carbon contribution or cap-and-trade mechanism. By participating in the CPLC, we will ensure we are using best practice, add our voice to the movement and provide our expertise to encourage further adoption and real climate action in the public and private sectors.

As more of the economy comes under a carbon price, companies will be pushed to innovate to maintain competitiveness in the low carbon economy. Carbon pricing is a key tool for companies to integrate sustainability into operations and overall strategy to achieve that innovation. Through carbon pricing, our clients maximize their return on investment, achieve maximum integration of sustainability initiatives, and make carbon-efficient decisions.

The benefits our clients have seen from our approach on integrating carbon pricing include: reduced energy dependence, increased investor confidence, and improved reputation in the marketplace. Furthermore, as cities, states, and national initiatives push forward the transition to a low-carbon economy, implementing a carbon price as part of a strategy allows companies to anticipate future regulation. As a member of the Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition and an accredited CDP Climate Change Consultancy Partner, we aim to ensure that all strategies are aligned with these initiatives.

With turnover of $10 million USD in 2016, EcoAct Group now has more than 70 employees across three continents: Europe (Paris, France), America (New York, USA) and Africa (Nairobi, Kenya).Our experts devise and implement tailor-made climate and carbon strategies that are integrated across entire value chains, thanks to the unique alignment of: strategic consultancy, modelling and data analysis (smart data), and project design and management.

Contact Info:

William Theisen

CEO, EcoAct, North America