CPLC Participates in the Climate Business Forum for Latin America and the Caribbean in Bogota, Colombia

During the Climate Business Forum for Latin America and the Caribbean that took place in June, the CPLC convened a leadership lunch with the Vice Minister of Finance of Colombia - Mr. Andrés Escobar and about 30 business leaders from Latin America, including 10 CEOs from large regional groups.

The objective of the dialogue was to provide regional business leaders the opportunity to engage with the Government of Colombia, as a member of the Pacific Alliance, to discuss the growing momentum to use carbon pricing policies to achieve climate and fiscal policy goals. Participants also discussed the opportunities for improved regional collaboration and future carbon pricing pathways for the region. Moving forward, CPLC will continue supporting the engagement of the Colombian government and businesses in the ongoing carbon pricing dialogue taken place in the context of the Pacific Alliance and a potential American regional market.

The Forum, attended by over 200 Latin American business leaders, served as an important convening platform for business leaders from around the region and other emerging markets who are steering their companies towards new business models that capitalize on climate-smart practices and initiatives.

Colombia’s Finance Minister Mauricio Cardenas opens at the Climate Business Forum 2016