Public-Private Dialogue on Carbon Pricing in Russia

UC Rusal, October 25, 2016 - Since April 2016, UC RUSAL has been the first company from Russia to join the Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition. RUSAL remains the only Russian representative in CPLC, leading by example for other Russian corporations to join and support the #PriceOnCarbon movement.

As a strong advocate of the introduction of economic incentives around carbon pricing and efficient ways to encourage “green” modernization, RUSAL welcomes the forthcoming CPLC workshop in early December 2016 in Moscow bringing Russia to the forefront of the world’s best practice of applying economic instruments to mitigate carbon footprints.

RUSAL puts the transition to carbon-free power among the company goals and remains committed to tackling climate change. Transition to carbon-free power is a goal of RUSAL alongside our commitment to tackling climate change.

In 2015, RUSAL was among the initiators of the Climate Partnership of Russia, an organization of more than a dozen of Russia’s largest businesses and NGOs united by their efforts to introduce economic instruments to mitigate climate change and implement green practices. Now on the threshold of CPLC seminar, RUSAL looks forward to CPLC sharing its expertise close to the ground whilst bringing more advocates to the #PriceOnCarbon community. At RUSAL, we believe CPLC workshop is an efficient instrument that inspires the Russian private sector towards environmentally friendly modernization via economic regulatory methods, including carbon pricing.

The Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition brings together leaders from across the government, the private sector and wider society to share experiences working with carbon pricing and to expand the evidence base for the most effective carbon pricing systems and policies. The CPLC has united national and sub-national governments, businesses including UC RUSAL, and numerous civil society organizations in their accord to advance the carbon pricing agenda by moving together towards the long-term objective of a carbon price applied throughout the global economy. RUSAL shares the approaches suggested by CPLC:

  • strengthening carbon pricing policies to redirect investment commensurate with the scale of the climate challenge;
  • bringing forward and strengthening the implementation of existing carbon pricing policies to better manage investment risks and opportunities; and
  • enhancing co-operation to share information, expertise and lessons learned on developing and implementing carbon pricing through various "readiness" platforms.